Former Yassky Aide Won’t Run Against Him, But Baer Will

It's likely that City Councilman David Yassky is going to have to ruin someone's plans for 2009.

Yassky, who's facing some anger over his vote in favor of extending term limits, is currently running for comptroller, and has no plans to get out of the race, he says.

But if Comptroller Bill Thompson decides to run for re-election instead of running for mayor (against Bloomberg!), Yassky may want to hold onto his Council seat.

But the primary field in his Brooklyn district is crowded.

At least one candidate, Ken Baer, says he would challenge Yassky in the Democratic primary.

Evan Thies, Yassky's former chief of staff, told me in an email this morning that he still plans to run for City Council, since Yassky is still planning to run for comptroller.

As to what he would do if Yassky runs again, Thies wrote, "Under that scenario, I would support David for re-election." He went on to say, "Though we disagree mightily on several issues — especially his term limits vote — his institutional knowledge of the Council and City politics, the acumen he's displayed in the job, and his record of accomplishment in the District will make him the best candidate in my view."

I asked Thies if he would run against Yassky in the hypothetical, and unlikely event that Thompson runs for mayor, but Yassky decides to run for Council again, instead of comptroller. 

"I would not," Thies wrote. "But that would be a 180 from his state position."

In a brief interview this afternoon, Yassky acknowledged there might be a lot of constituents who disagree with his vote, but that he has begun making the case to them about why extending term limits was, in his opinion, the best policy for the city.

"I don't know if that counts as a backlash or not," Yassky said.

Former Yassky Aide Won’t Run Against Him, But Baer Will