Giuliani on the ‘Jerks,’ Barron Won’t Run Again

Barack Obama has gained in a CNN poll of four battleground states, including Ohio, where a Washington Post poll shows him leading by six points. [AFP]

Christopher Orr is disturbed by what some audience members at McCain-Palin rallies are saying. [The Plank]

In Ohio, Rudy Giuliani called conservative critics of Sarah Palin “jerks.” [PolitickerOH]

Todd Palin will answer questions related to the investigation into his wife–in writing, through a lawyer. [Anchorage Daily News]

The Working Families Party choses to announce their opposition to the term-limits change 30-minutes before the bill was actually introduced. [Liz]

Charles Barron won’t run for City Council again. [City Room]

The Pennsylvania G.O.P. calls Obama "A TERRORIST’S BEST FRIEND" in a press release. [Attywood]

Turns out that perennial New Jersey-in-play story is just as silly, once again, as the perennial New York-in-play story. [PolitickerNJ]

  Giuliani on the ‘Jerks,’ Barron Won’t Run Again