Golisano to Oppose Bloomberg on Term Limits

Billionaire Tom Golisano will mount a campaign in opposition to Michael Bloomberg’s effort to seek a third term, potentially opening up an expensive new obstacle to the mayor’s plan.

Golisano’s top advisor, Steve Pigeon, declined to specify exactly how much Golisano will spend, but said the Rochester-based founder of Paychex was turned off by the process that was unfolding.

“He thinks it should go to voter referendum,” Pigoen said in a brief telephone interview. “He’s going to do something. And when he does something, it’s usually pretty meaningful.”

“I know that he thinks the mayor has a done a good job as mayor,” but, “he doesn’t like that there were two voter referendum passing it, and the Council is able to undo the referendum. He’s got a philosophical problem with that.”

When asked if he spoke with anyone from the mayor’s side on this issue, Pigeon declined to comment.

It’s a significant development since Golisano, theoretically, could spend as much as Bloomberg on this issue. Also, it would be the first major city-specific matter Golisano has taken such an active involvement in.

Golisano to Oppose Bloomberg on Term Limits