Gwynnie (Finally) Gets a Little Goopy in Newsletter

We received Gwyneth Paltrow’s most recent GOOP newsletter this morning (on time!) and now we (almost) feel bad for being so snippy in our study of She begins with this scene:

In 1998, I was filming The Talented Mr. Ripley in Ischia, a little island off the coast of Naples in Italy. I got a call that changed my life. My father had been diagnosed with throat cancer, and it was stage four.

Gwynnie finally gets personal! Way to pull on our guilty heart strings…

Although he underwent treatment and survived for another four years, I watched his health deteriorate slowly until his death in 2002. During this time I began to read about Eastern medicine and the body’s capacity to heal itself. I tried to get my father on board — with mixed results. He loved acupuncture but hated macrobiotic food, which he likened to “biting into The New York Times.”

Unlike the tone and content of her previous newsletters, we’re reminded in this "Do" one that she’s actually human and not just a couture-sporting celebrity mommy. But the letter quickly deteriorates into some gobbledy-gook, "no duh" advice from some doctors (one in London, one in LA and one in New York). They "helped me out of some very sticky health problems (pneumonia, anemia, stress, etc.)," Ms. Paltrow writes. "Below they offer their points of view and some ideas about how we can achieve our best health." That includes: get more sleep, don’t eat "white stuff" or sugar, detox and drink more water.

Yawn. Might as well read the latest issues of Shape!

  Gwynnie (Finally) Gets a Little Goopy in Newsletter