Halloween’s Just Around the Corner! New Yorkers Ponder: Palin, Spitzer … Dracula?

In a year of economic uncertainty and political anxiety, the Transom wondered what New Yorkers would be wearing come Halloween. Would gaggles of frazzled stock brokers, Sarah Palins and Barack Obamas, and Ashley Duprés and Eliot Spitzers flood the Central Park Conservancy Halloween Ball, Allison Sarofim’s costume party, and Suzanne Bartsch’s bash? And surely some couples will go as Samantha Ronson and Lindsay Lohan. (The real Ms. Lohan and Ms. Ronson, meanwhile, reportedly plan to dress up as Todd and Sarah Palin.)

Socialite and interior designer Celerie Kemble is dressing as an FLDS wife. She described her outfit thusly: “Leg of mutton sleeves, pale blue long starched cotton dress, white socks, running sneakers, and round Harry Potter glasses. And I’ve been trying to figure out how to do the hair all week,” she said. Ms. Kemble’s husband, money manager Boykin Curry, will go for something more basic and dress up as Dracula, which he does every year. (“He likes to keep it easy,” said Ms. Kemble.)

According to party photographer Patrick McMullan, Ms. Sarofim’s party the weekend before Halloween already has a theme–Japanese anime–with which Mr. McMullan, who was a pirate last year, admitted he wasn’t entirely familiar. “I’m going to try to do it, but it’s my son who is more into that whole thing, so hopefully he will help me.”

Designer Charlotte Ronson, who is still undecided as to what she will go as this year, recalled her costume from two years ago: “I was the walk of shame. I wore a little black dress, ripped tights, messy makeup, and I had a pair of spare underwear in my shirt pocket. Clean, obviously!”

Ms. Ronson’s mother, Ann Dexter-Jones, told the Transom that she will be wearing a costume she wore to her son Mark Ronson’s birthday party in London last month, the theme of which was to dress up as a favorite album.

“I like a costume when you can actually feel attractive in it so I went as There’s No Sympathy for the Dead,” said Ms. Dexter-Jones, referring to the EP by Las Vegas hard-core band Escape the Fate. “I got a long vintage dress from Topshop that I slashed, fingerless Chanel lace gloves, and I wore fishnets and very high black suede boots and I super-glued these snake and skull necklaces together so that they were really long, down to my knees.” (Ms. Dexter-Jones said she found the fishnets to be rather uncomfortable; instead, she’ll be hitting up Ms. Lohan for a pair of distressed leggings from her new line, 6126, to wear this time around.) 

Fabiola Beracasa said she will probably do something with her boyfriend, hedge funder Jason Beckman. “One year we were Dita [von Teese] and Marilyn [Manson], which was really fun,” she said. This year, Ms. Beracasa explained, things have been so hectic that she hasn’t had time to plan anything. “We always decide very last minute. We know this guy who does movie makeup—he’s a friend of ours and he always does really cool special effects.” (Last year, Ms. Beracasa was a washed-up scuba diver: blue skin, seaweed, a Speedo.) 

If you stop by Socialista on Halloween, you will find co-owner and aspiring actor Armin Amiri transformed into a character named Sergio.

“Sergio is a creation of my own. He has very big ears and a gapped tooth,” Mr. Amiri told the Transom. “He’s a guy who is depressed during the day, but he really gets going at night. He’s like a Superman outfit for me—he’s very ugly, but very confident and he always gets all the girls!”  

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