Beauty’s in the eye of the casting director

Flip through the pages of Holy Headshot!: A Celebration of America’s Undiscovered Talent, and you’ll feel like the casting director for a Fellini film.

You’ll meet Shayna the Juggling Entertaina [sic] — she’s a Molly Shannon–like character who took up juggling at the age of 50! And the very short (three-foot-six) actor Drew Rin Varick, whose very long list of skills includes singing, operating a PC, and “head banging.” Great as the headshots are, the résumés are even better. Credits include Nosey Neighbor, Alcoholic, Sex Addict, Thug, and Bad Ass Latino. And many of these wannabes and never-weres list their favorite actors, as if saying you love Tom Cruise guaranteed you work in his next film. But before you laugh at these starry-eyed dreamers, remember that Hollywood’s Cruises and Clooneys stand on their shoulders.

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