Hot Tickets: Get Your Nostalgia on With the Toadies, Black Crowes, NKOTB

So, enough about CMJ. Enough about all these new bands with their new music and their new haircuts. What about some nostalgia, what about the stuff we grew up with, what about old music!?

Well, fret no more … the Toadies are here. With the success of their 1994 debut Rubberneck, the quartet jumped from the semi-obscurity of Fort Worth, Texas, to the top of grunge’s junior class. If you don’t know the hits “Tyler” or “Away,” you’ll definitely know the creepy proto-punk anthem “Possum Kingdom.” After the Toadies toured the hell out of the record with Bush, the Butthole Surfers, and other long-disappeared kings of the alterna-rock nation, Interscope Records permanently shelved the band’s 1997 follow-up, Feeler. The Toadies returned, fully humbled and with a different lineup, in 2001 with Hell Below/Stars Above. After another hiatus, they’re back again with No Deliverance. The Texas boys play Webster Hall on Nov. 6. [Tickets went on sale this week]

And then there are the Black Crowes—those paragons of rock classicism. In their heyday, the Robinson brothers—guitarist Rich and singer Chris (Kate Hudson’s ex)—were America’s premier rock revivalists, as much in love with ’70s Rolling Stones licks as with the decade’s storied tradition of hard drug use. With their constant bickering, they also became the country’s answer to the Gallagher brothers, and tensions, apparently, still remain high. Their Otis Redding cover “Hard to Handle” may have made them stars, but the ballad “She Talks to Angels”—their second Top 40 hit in 1991—is their finest moment. We can’t vouch for everything they’ve done since then (though 1994’s Amorica ain’t bad at all), but with a new album out this year (their first in seven years), their double bill at the Hammerstein Ballroom next Monday and Tuesday should be a rollicking good time regardless. [Tickets on sale now]

While we’re sure you’ve already got your tickets (and that they’re gripped tight in your sweaty little palm), we must remind you that the reunited New Kids on the Block—that would be Danny, Donnie, John, Jordan, and Joey—are playing Madison Square Garden on Monday, Oct. 27th. Practice this dance, grab your tapered denim, and call the sitter. The boys are back in town. [Tickets on sale now] Hot Tickets: Get Your Nostalgia on With the Toadies, Black Crowes, NKOTB