VSL:WEB // Who’s been reading your text messages?

Did you know that Groucho Marx and T. S. Eliot were pen pals? Well, they were, and the Library of Congress has proof of their correspondence. (Memo to selves: Launch website, GrouchoandTom.com, soliciting imaginary collaborations between the two of them.) But if the beauty of actual letters is the paper trail that’s left behind, what becomes of the text messages bouncing back and forth between today’s friends, lovers, family members, and co-workers? Aren’t any of them worth saving?

A photographer named Kelly Shimoda thinks they are — and so she’s spent the past few years snapping pics of illuminated text messages and posting them online, against ominously dark backgrounds. Some of the messages themselves are dark (Lunar eclipse happening right this second!). Some are tragic (Spencer died 2day). And some are just downright adorable (are you free for a snuggle?). If you’ve got the feeling for textual healing, Shimoda’s spin on our electronic wasteland may just be the thing for you.

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