Marie Claire’s Reality Show Running in Heels Stops for No Man (Or Reporter)

At an event at Diane von Furstenberg‘s store in the Meatpacking District a few weeks ago, guests complained to the Daily Transom of having to duck and shield their faces from cameras that were filming for The City, the new reality show on MTV that will follow former Hills cast-member Whitney Port as she works for DVF and befriends socialite Olivia Palermo.

And last night, the Daily Transom had to do our own share of evading the camera and massive microphones that imposed on guests at the opening of the Comptoir des Cotonniers store in Soho.

A publicist informed us that they were following Marie Claire editor-at-large Joyce Corrigan and an intern for the new Style Network reality show, Running in Heels, which is about the personal and professional lives of the magazine’s editors. But wouldn’t we, like, have to sign a release before our faces appear disfigured in the bottom corner of people’s television screens? Wouldn’t they at least have to blur our faces?

"Maybe not!" replied the publicist. "Who knows? They can do anything they want." 

The horror! Disturbed by her statement, this Daily Transom reporter covered her face with a notebook for the majority of the night. But when chatting with Susan Sarandon, we were forced inside the shot of the camera and literally had to interview the actress with half our face obliterated by a scarf we pulled way up across our face.

(Between Stylista, Top Model, Running in Heels, Real Housewives of New York City, The City, and Project Runway, if it ever returns, every New Yorker will eventually discover themselves on a reality show.)  

When we first heard about the show, on which Nina Garcia will also be a character, editor-in-chief Joanna Coles had this to say about it:

"This is the first docu-series in the history of the magazine and we’re excited to work with The Style Network to offer unprecedented behind-the-scenes access to Marie Claire and the stylish, smart women who put the magazine together each month. There’s sure to be lots of drama to interest viewers." 

But what the Daily Transom witnessed last night didn’t seem like a "docu-series." Sure, the cameras were covering Ms. Corrigan, who was in turn covering the event. That was accurate. But the editor and her intern seemed to have gone through some extensive primping and styling before attending the event and judging from a pair of furry booties on Ms. Corrigan’s feet, were perhaps even a bit overdressed. And, as we were leaving, we witnessed the intern standing outside and suddenly shrieking in the middle of the street as the camera rolled. 

"Oh, no!" she kept saying, covering her face with her hands and presumably simulating tears. 

A few bystanders appeared genuinely concerned. 

"Is she okay?" said an elderly woman walking her dog through Soho. 

"Yeah, she’s fine. They’re shooting a reality show," said one of the party guests. 

"Oh, so she’s like an actress. Okay," said the women and kept on walking.

Marie Claire’s Reality Show Running in Heels Stops for No Man (Or Reporter)