In ‘Must-Win’ Florida, McCain Stumps for ‘Jose el Plomero’

MIAMI—After several long introductions here in a gym at Florida International University, the hall went dark.

Spotlights roved around the stage. Inspiring trumpet music played on the loudspeaker. The lights came back on and an announcer on the loudspeaker introduced Senator Joe Lieberman, Cindy McCain and “the next president of the United States” John McCain.

The crowd went crazy. They waved their pompoms and held up all their “Mac Is Back” and "We Heart Cindy” and “In John We Trust” signs.

Lieberman, speaking first, said the welcome meant something indescribable to the McCains. “What that says to me,” he said, is that McCain will win Florida.

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In ‘Must-Win’ Florida, McCain Stumps for ‘Jose el Plomero’