In New Jersey, it’s been ten years since a House seat flipped parties

John Adler could be the first Democrat to capture a congressional seat (Jim Saxton's seat) in his district since Thomas Ferrell won in 1882, and Linda Stender, if she wins, she'll be the first Democrat to hold that seat (Mike Ferguson's seat) since Harrison Williams lost to Florence Dwyer in 1956. New Jersey's House seats, with the last time the other party held them:

  • Donald Payne's seat: The last Republican Congressman was Fred Hartley of Taft-Hartley fame. After just narrowly beating a young Democratic lawyer and World War II veteran from Newark named Peter Rodino in 1946, Hartley retired two years later (after ten terms) and Rodino won the open seat.
  • Albio Sires' seat: With Dwight Eisenhower carrying Hudson County in 1956 and Democratic factions in Jersey City at war, Republican Vincent Dellay was elected to Congress. Dellay saw the handwriting on the wall and switched parties, but Hudson Democrats backed another candidate who won the 1958 general easily.
  • Frank Pallone's seat: Republican James Auchincloss held the seat for 22 years until his retirement in 1964. James Howard and Pallone have faced a multitude of close races, but have held the seat for the Democrats.
  • Rob Andrews' seat: The last Republican victory was John Hunt in 1972; Hunt lost to Jim Florio two years later.
  • Chris Smith's seat: Under Republican control since Smith ousted 13-term incumbent Frank Thompson in 1980.
  • Scott Garrett's seat: The last Democratic winner was Andrew Maguire over Marge Roukema in 1978; the seat flipped in a 1980 rematch.
  • Steve Rothnman's seat: Harold Hollebeck was the last Republican Congressman. He won in 1976, 1978 and 1980, and lost in 1982 to Bob Torricelli.
  • Rodney Frelinghuysen's seat: After redistricting added Republicans in Morris County, 11-term Democrat Joseph Minish lost to Dean Gallo in 1984.
  • Frank LoBiondo's seat: Democrat Bill Hughes defeated LoBiondo in 1992. LoBiondo went to Congress two years later when Hughes retired.
  • Bill Pascrell's seat: Republicans won the 8th district only once since Gordon Canfield retired in 1960 — in 1994, when Bill Martini ousted Herb Klein. Democrats won it back in 1996.
  • Rush Holt's seat: Holt's victory over one-term Republican Michael Pappas in 1998 was the last time a congressional seat has changed parties in New Jersey.
In New Jersey, it’s been ten years since a House seat flipped parties