VSL:WEB // Watch raw footage from ‘the other war,’ in Afghanistan

A British journalist named Ben Anderson reports from Afghanistan, walking the walk — and ducking the bullets — alongside British troops and the Afghan National Army. And his footage is must-see Web TV.

Presented by Vice magazine’s online video service, VBS, the webisodes were filmed during an especially violent day in Afghanistan’s Helmand province — poppy country, the scene of near-continuous fighting between the Afghan army (and NATO forces) and the Taliban. The lines between “war on terror” and “war on drugs” are decidedly blurred here, and Anderson’s video is raw and trippy: Afghan soldiers smoke opium during breaks in the fighting; bullets whiz by overhead; a courtly British officer radios for an air strike and signs off, “That would be lovely. Over.” Those arguing over where to find the “central front in the war on terror” should perhaps take a look. That would be lovely. Over.

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