South Park ‘Rape’ Episode Causes Controversy; Real Life Scarier Than Cartoon

Gawker’s Richard Lawson points us towards a controversy brewing over this week’s 12th season premiere of Comedy Central’s South Park.

According to a post by Deadline Hollywood Daily’s Nikki Finke and one by Los Angeles Times Show Tracker blogger Todd Martens, some people—especially at Paramount—feel that South Park auteurs Matt Parker and Trey Stone went too far in calling Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull a "rape" of a beloved movie franchise. The "joke" was compounded later in the episode by depicting George Lucas and Steven Spielberg as rapists—both of the Indiana Jones movies and of Stars Wars.

What no one seems to remember is that Mr. Spielberg was once the victim of a real-life stalker who may have threatened to rape him. Literally.

In 1998, Jonathan Norman was arrested near Mr. Spielberg’s home and, according to CNN:

Police have testified that Norman was carrying handcuffs, duct tape and a box cutter at the time of his arrest. They said his car contained two more sets of handcuffs, razor blades — items prosecutor Rhonda Saunders called a ‘rape kit.’

Mr. Norman was sentenced to 25-years-to-life. At the sentencing hearing, Mr. Spielberg said, "So your honor, I’m here today because the prospect that Jonathan Norman might have another chance to carry out his intent is beyond frightening to me… As I testified at trial … I was and still am fearful of Mr. Norman."

So, you know Mr. Spielberg didn’t find the episode too funny. South Park ‘Rape’ Episode Causes Controversy; Real Life Scarier Than Cartoon