Jews Really Are for Obama

Jews are twice as likely to vote for Barack Obama than John McCain, according to a new poll from New York University.

The poll basically confirms that a familiar, recurring election-year story that casts doubt on the Democrat's appeal to Jewish voters is no more true this year than it was in the past. The Jewish vote has tilted heavily Democratic in every presidential election in recent memory, and it looks that it will happen again.

The 3,116-person survey was conducted by N.Y.U.’s Berman Jewish Policy Archive, and includes responses from 1,596 Jews and 1,520 non-Jews.

The pollsters write, “While only 37% of white respondents declared a preference for Obama, 67% of Jews did so- a gap of 30 percentage points. In short, with undecided voters eliminated from consideration, non-Jewish whites tilted heavily towards McCain, while Jews tilted even more heavily towards Obama.”

So, maybe no need to schlep to Florida.

The pollsters will discuss their findings at 4:30 p.m. at the Puck Building on Monday, October 27. Jews Really Are for Obama