Joe the Plumber to Become Joe the Country Music Star?

Oh Lordy, this cannot end well. Joe Wurzelbacher—a.k.a. Joe the Plumber, a.k.a. McCain’s favorite talking point—may become a country music star. According to Politico (via Stereogum), The Wurz recently signed with a Nashville public relations firm, and among the slew of requests for interviews, talk show appearances, and corporate sponsorships the firm fielded, was an unnamed major label looking to sign Joe as a country artist in the hopes of a having a debut album in stores before the next president takes office. In other words, there could by a Country Joe record out before Inauguration Day.

But wait, let’s just think about this for a minute. If Joe, as he himself says, spends every daylight hour working and all night helping his son with his homework, how good could The Wurz really be. Apparently, not very. According to his own publicity management firm, The Press Office, while Joe “knocks around on guitar” every now and then, he’s not a serious musician or songwriter. Yet, he’s deserving of a record deal. Which, all things considered, is a little like calling someone a plumber when he doesn’t have a license. But whatever… The Press Office reassures us that Wurzelbacher is a “complicated guy with a very dynamic personality.”

We wish Joe the best, though we can’t help but wonder. What do country music stars make these days? Over $250,000? Joe the Plumber to Become Joe the Country Music Star?