Knickerbocker, Bloomberg, Quinn and Term Limits

A reader in the comments section tried connecting a few dots between Michael Bloomberg’s former consultants at Knickerbocker SKD and the role some key players in the term-limits debate are playing, including Christine Quinn and the powerful union 1199 SEIU.

It’s speculative stuff, but here’s what we know: Bloomberg, as the Times noted today, hired Josh Isay of Knickerbocker for his 2005 re-election campaign and is likely to rely on him again for the next one. (In a brief email exchange today, Isay politely declined to detail the role he’s currently playing for Bloomberg.)

Isay is also a consultant for Quinn, who hasn’t publicly stated her position on the effort to change term limits legislatively, although she’s likely to support Bloomberg’s proposal.

Another consultant at Isay’s firm is Jennifer Cunningham, who was a top executive at 1199 before joining the firm. The union hasn’t publicly taken a position on this issue, but doesn’t seem to be joining in labor’s push to oppose the term-limits change.

In a brief telephone interview this morning, Cunningham said she hasn’t spoken to the union about this matter, and said their work with Quinn doesn’t play a role on the term-limits issue.

“Elected officials don’t make policy decisions based on who their consultants are,” she said. Knickerbocker, Bloomberg, Quinn and Term Limits