Lawsuit Filed By Model Against Jeffrey Epstein Dismissed

The sexual assault lawsuit filed in October 2007 by 24-year-old transgender aspiring model Maximilia Cordero against money manager, former Dalton teacher and prostitute solicitor Jeffrey Epstein has been dismissed this morning by a Manhattan judge on the basis that Ms. Cordero was not insane as she had claimed, according to New York Law Journal (subscription required).

Ms. Cordero claimed insanity to explain why she had engaged in sexual acts with Mr. Epstein following the alleged assault, a complaint about which she did not file for seven years. Ms. Cordero pressed charges two years after Mr. Epstein had been accused of soliciting sex acts from several underage women. Ms. Cordero claimed that in 2000, when she was 16 years old, Mr. Epstein invited her to his Palm Beach mansion, took off her clothes and requested a massage, proceeding to then grab her and request oral sex against her will.

"It took seven years to bring the suit, the woman acknowledged that she is insane, but she knew how to read a newspaper, and she knew the word ‘rich,’" said Mr. Epstein’s lawyer Gerald Lefcourt at the time the suit was filed.

This morning, Supreme Court Justice Edward Lehner ruled that Ms. Cordero’s ability to function within society demonstrated that she was not insane by state guidelines.

"The fact that she has executed numerous contracts, verified several complaints, and executed affidavits in this and other actions instituted by her demonstrates that she is able to protect her legal rights and does not lack an over-all ability to function in society," said Mr. Lehner.

A physician hired by the defense concluded that any mental condition suffered by Ms. Coredro was due to her drug abuse and not a preexisting mental disorder that would impair her judgement.

"Here, the credible testimony of Dr. Goldstein demonstrated that plaintiff has never been and is not now ‘insane’ under the meaning of that term in §208," Justice Lehner wrote. "The effects of her drug addiction do not establish insanity."

At the time the suit filed, no one was aware that Ms. Cordero was transgender. But one week after she filed her suit–as Mr. Epstein lawyers and private detectives were presumably let off their leashes to dig up dirt on Ms. Cordero–the New York Post reported that she was in fact born Maximillion Cordero.

Ms. Cordero filed another complaint suggesting violation of the state’s gender-bias law, but the judge rejected that motion as well, stating that Ms. Cordero failed to prove any discrimination based on her gender.



  Lawsuit Filed By Model Against Jeffrey Epstein Dismissed