Let the Lost Countdown Begin!

There is a cloud of uncertainty surrounding Mad Men as its second season draws to a close this weekend. While the show has been picked up for a no-brainer third season, both series creator Matthew Weiner and series star Jon Hamm have yet to commit beyond season two. Uh-oh. We don’t even want to contemplate a world without the existence of Mad Men. Thankfully, the ABC promo department is here to help take our minds off things. They’ve been kind enough to release a teaser for the fifth season of Lost. We’ve watched the thing 20 times since it popped up online last night and can report it’s as terrific as you would anticipate. Don’t have the time to watch it yourself? Here’s our breakdown.

0:01: Oceanic Flight 815 breaking apart in mid-air at the start of season three still remains the best visual effect we’ve ever seen on television.

0:12 – 0:35: Spread out over shots from the first four seasons, ABC tell us that "[a]fter 108 days, everything they lived for, died for, prayed for, finally happened." The most noteworthy part? Immediately after the words "died for" appear, we’re shown Jin yelling on the freighter right before it explodes. Hmm. Is Jin really dead or is ABC trying to fool us?

0:41: New island footage! Juliet finds a buried Dharma hatch; Daniel walks around in a Dharma-approved hard hat; Richard Alpert holds a torch and looks mean; and someone (Locke?) grasps a compass. We don’t have a clue what any of that means, but it looks awesome. At the very least it’s nice to know that Daniel isn’t still floating in the middle of the ocean.

0:47 – 1:02: Now the trailer gets psychotic: "In 2009, the Oceanic Six will risk everything to return." We see Sayid kicking ass, Hurley holding a silenced pistol (!) and saying "we never should have left that island", and Kate loading a gun and telling Baby Aaron that they’re going on a trip. Jack is there, too, looking very clean-shaven, which is a real disappointment for people like us who love the feral beard he usually sports in his post-island life.

1:06: Jack: "Everyone we left behind, they’d die too if I didn’t come back." Ben: "Well, thank God for second chances." Us: maniacal laughing. This is too much. We might need medical attention.

Season five of Lost premieres in January 2009. Let the Lost Countdown Begin!