Lieberman’s Disbelief, Bloomberg’s ‘Surrender Monkeys’

Stocks fell way, way down, but it could have worse! [Marketwatch]

Joe Lieberman does not believe the polls. [The Hill]

A new set of state polls show John McCain leading in Ohio and Florida. [Political Wire]

On Huffington Post, Barry Goldwater, Jr. berates his niece for endorsing Obama, on Huffington Post. [HP]

Rudy Giuliani's people are claiming no responsibility for the web site [Wash Wire]

Former congressional candidate Jon Powers is finally throwing support behind the nominee, Alice Kryzan. [D&C]

At a congressional hearing yesterday, Assemblyman Richard Brodsky said, "[T]here is overwhelming, rigorous evidence that the assessment of Yankee Stadium was artificially and illegally inflated." [AYR]

Supporters of State Senate candidate Rick Dollinger are reporting numerous incidents of voter intimidation. [Rochester Turning]

A blogger calls Michael Bloomberg's City Council backers "surrender monkeys." [Daily Gotham]

The S&P lowered Forest City Ratner's credit rating, which could affect funding for Atlantic Yards. [Forbes]

Oversight at the New York Thruway Authority is so bad that Tom DiNapoli's office couldn't figure out if the latest toll hikes were necessary. [D&C]

Lieberman’s Disbelief, Bloomberg’s ‘Surrender Monkeys’