Madonna and Guy Ritchie’s Divorce: The News, So Far

Madonna and Guy Ritchie, who did not sign a pre-nup, are reportedly worth about $525 million, with most of the estate belonging to Madonna. (Mr. Ritchie is reportedly worth some $35 million.) Their lawyers say that they are trying to reach an agreement before heading to court. [AP]

Madonna initially offered Guy Ritchie their English country estate, the Ashcombe House, which is worth about $12 million, plus $15 million in cash. But Mr. Ritchie is reportedly asking for much more. [NY Daily News]

The couple’s property portfolio includes a total of eight homes located in London, Beverly Hills, and New York. [Telegraph]

Fiona Shackleton, the famous British celebrity divorce lawyer who previously represented Paul McCartney and Prince Charles, has been hired by Madonna. Meanwhile, Guy Ritchie reportedly hired Lady Helen Ward, who has represented composer Andrew Lloyd Webber and author Ian McEwan. [Independent]

Alex Rodriguez and Madonna are reportedly back on and plan to take a trip to Malawi together at the end of her Sticky & Sweet tour, which closes in December. [MSNBC]

As the divorce proceedings turn bitter, Madonna apparently called her estranged husband "emotionally retarded" at her concert in Boston on Wednesday night. [NY Post]

Other details that have emerged: Madonna was allegedly a tyrannical wife who made her husband drink zero-fat smoothies, eat fish and vegetables for dinner every night, and did not allow the family to watch television. And now Mr. Ritchie is reportedly concerned that her "unhealthy relationship with food" will be passed down to their children. [Daily Mail]

  Madonna and Guy Ritchie’s Divorce: The News, So Far