Magical Mystery Game: Fuzzy Details on Beatles Rock Band Game

All you need is love… and a plastic guitar. Yes, the Beatles are coming to a video game near you. In a conference call this morning, learned that MTV and Harmonix (the folks behind Rock Band) have teamed up with Apple Corps to create an interactive video game that will take players on an “experiential journey” through the Fab Four’s music and career. (So what? It comes with blotter acid?) 

Since the game is still in the earliest stages of production and won’t see the light of day until the end of 2009, details are predictably sketchy. Billboard was able to confirm that Paul McCartney, Ringo Starr, and dead Beatle wives Yoko Ono and Olivia Harrison are creatively involved. As for the music, Giles Martin (George’s son) and co-producer of the Love album, will produce the tunes, though there are currently no plans to re-mix them in anyway. And neither should we think this will take the Beatles’ catalogue any step closer to landing on iTunes or other digital music services.

Exactly how the game will fit in with Harmonix’s Rock Band franchise is unclear. None of the collaborators would specify whether the Beatles’ songs would be available as downloads through Rock Band, nor would they say if the new game would be compatible with existing Rock Band instruments such as the wireless guitar or digital drum set. We for one hope the Beatles game comes with a whole new set of trinkets. It’s all about the digital sitar, baby… Magical Mystery Game: Fuzzy Details on Beatles Rock Band Game