Manzo and Healy await judge’s decision

Will former Assemblyman and possible Jersey City mayoral hopeful Lou Manzo’s lawsuit to throw Jersey City Mayor Jerramiah Healy out of office proceed?

We’ll have to wait to see.

Monmouth County Superior Court Judge Lawson heard three parties’ arguments today about whether Manzo has standing to challenge the Monmouth County prosecutor’s decision not force Healy to forfeit his office in light of his 2006 Bradley Beach arrest, but said he will issue a ruling in writing at a later, undisclosed date, according to Manzo.

Manzo said that the decision will probably be rendered by next week.

A source close to the mayor said that the line of questioning the judge used seemed to indicate that he was leaning towards dismissal, but Manzo didn’t agree. Even if he loses, he plans to appeal.

“We’re going to pursue this to the Nth degree. The argument in the court as to whether I have standing or not will lead to a flawed statute. If they don’t give me standing, they’re interpreting this statute as that only elected officials can benefit from having forfeiture brought up at their initial trial,” he said. Manzo and Healy await judge’s decision