VSL:KIDS // Pack an innovative (and delicious) all-natural snack

Applesauce isn’t quite a liquid and isn’t quite a solid. It’s a mush, and mushes belong in tubes — at least that’s the philosophy of Materne, the French company that makes GoGo squeeZ applesauce and markets it in a hair-care-product-size tube.

Why “GoGo,” with two capital G’s, and the typographically crazy “squeeZ”? Don’t ask. But do ask about the company’s background (it has been making premium fruit products for more than 100 years) and its packaging (we love the resealable cap). The contents come in two flavors — apple and apple-strawberry — and both are delicious. Fun fact: Squeezable applesauce was developed by NASA for use by astronauts — 46 years ago, John Glenn was eating it out of aluminum tubes.

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