Matt Levine Insists the Eldridge Is Still Exclusive

Yesterday, Down By The Hipster posted a promotional flyer sent out by the vociferously exclusive club the Eldridge. DBTH complained that the owner, Matt Levine, had already abandoned the stringent door rules he’d boasted of in a widely read New York magazine interview. In that interview, which occurred before the bar opened, Mr. Levine seemed to indicate that admission to the nightspot would only be granted to "friends and family" of his, who would be equipped with laser-engraved entry cards. DBTH also pointed out that the Eldridge had been open on the weekends despite Mr. Levine’s claims that "everyone I know goes away on the weekends. I wanted to keep it New York. I just thought as far as the vibe goes, the people who go to the Eldridge, they’re not in the city on weekends. So I’m closing the weekends."

Of course, it would make sense if Mr. Levine had decided to loosen up the velvet rope. After all, you would have to be really popular to be able to support a fancy spot like the Eldridge with the bank accounts of friends and family alone. And while we know it is infinitely cooler to go out on school nights, we wouldn’t look down on the Eldridge’s patrons for occasionally venturing out a Friday or Saturday.

We e-mailed Mr. Levine for an explanation and discovered that he is not, in fact, a fraud–he’s just misunderstood!

"Our admission policy has always been the same, entry cards help ease the a fast admittance into The Eldridge, if anyone else is interested in making a reservation, they can make reservations at, and as always, it is doorman’s discretion, he has final right of refusal for entry- which maintains the comfort, and privacy of our guests."

"Regarding closing on the weekends, that was our plan during the summer – but with our extensive cocktail list, we decided to train our
staff for an extra month, so they perfected the cocktails created by Charlotte Voisey, we launched The Eldridge with 14 straight fashion
week events, and since then, we remain open on the weekends."

See you there Saturday?



Matt Levine Insists the Eldridge Is Still Exclusive