McCain asserts his true independence

From the AP Newswire

RealClearPolitics shows Senator John McCain down by more than 7 points. Internal polls in the McCain camp show him losing ground every day because many Republican voters are disappointed at his being less and less a ‘maverick.' And so, in order to show how much of a ‘maverick’ he really is, McCain today made a truly startling announcement at a campaign rally in St. Louis, Missouri.

“My friends, I very much appreciate your support. And you know, my friends, that Governor Palin and I are both true mavericks. We’ve reached across to the other side of the aisle over and over again. We have both taken on our own Republican Party time and time again. I did it in the Senate, and Governor Palin did it in her own state of Alaska. Since the Republican National Convention in August, we have shown what we are made of. We are independent mavericks and cannot be bought, my friends.”

“We have assiduously avoided being photographed with President Bush. We both have been on Saturday Night Live, appearing with the elite media liberals we detest. We have suspended our campaign over and over, moved the campaign out of state after state in order to show you just what ‘mavericks’ we are. Now, with the election just a mere few days away, we have a very important announcement, to prove our ‘mavericky-ness’ even more: Governor Palin and I officially join the 57 percent of Americans in endorsing Barack Obama for president, and welcome our supports to join us. Now that is truly reaching across the aisle. Let That One just try to out ‘maverick’ This One. Thank you, and God bless America.”

The Obama/Biden campaign could not be reached for comment.

McCain asserts his true independence