McSorley questions Larkin on sick pay

Mercer County Republican Sheriff candidate Jim McSorley has a question: if incumbent Sheriff Kevin Larkin is not allotted sick days, then why does he get reimbursed for unused ones at the end of the year.

Reacting to a quote in the Trenton Times in which the newspaper paraphrases deputy county counsel Sarah Crowley saying “constitutional officers like Larkin who are elected are in charge of setting their own hours and are not allotted any vacation or sick days.”

The 2007 payroll records for the Sheriff’s Office show that Sheriff Larkin was paid over $2,400.00 as a buy back for five days of unused sick time. Yet, according to Mercer County’s attorney, he is not allotted sick time,” said McSorley, who’s requested hundreds, if not thousands of page of documents relating to the sheriff’s office under McSorley’s tenure. “Just how does the Sheriff receive extra money at the end of the year for time he was not entitled to?”

Crowley said that Larkin is on the county payroll as a technicality – that as a constitutional officer, he’s different than a regular county employee, but has to be paid through the county.

When asked to address McSorley’s question, Crowley said “I don’t know the answer to that because I’m not aware that he did get that. I don’t have that information in front of me.”


  McSorley questions Larkin on sick pay