Mid-Morning Read: Gennaro’s Attack, Heaney’s Lawyers, Nachbar’s Mailer

David Paterson is in Washington today to ask for a federal bailout.

According to a new AP poll, Barack Obama has a solid lead in Ohio, Nevada, Colorado, Pennsylvania and Virginia, and the candidates are about tied in North Carolina and Florida.

Jim Rutenberg watches a minute-long trailer for Obama's 30-minute informercial.

The New York Times editorial board endorsed three Democratic State Senate candidates–Brian Foley, Jim Gennaro and Joe Addabbo–writing that if they win it would help "take away" the Republican gridlock that often stalls reform efforts in Albany.

Gennaro attacks Frank Padavan's voting record on women's issues.

The New York Times editorial board criticizes Quinnipiac for cracking down on student journalists.

In their final debate, Representative Kirsten Gillibrand said Republican challenger Sandy Treadwell is too close to President Bush. Treadwell said Gillibrand is too cozy with cigarette companies.

The Journal News endorsed Republican State Senate challenger Liz Feld over Democratic incumbent Suzi Oppenheimer.

The Journal News also endorsed the Democrat running against freshman Assembly Republican Greg Ball, saying, "His contrarian antics have done nothing to alter the tone in Albany or advance the interests of district residents."

The Buffalo News
endorsed Democratic State Senator Bill Stachowski, who is in a close race against Republican challenger Dennis Delano.

Stachowski criticized Delano for failing to vote for seven years.

James Heaney says there are more lawyers on the State Senate's payroll than state senators.

Bill Hammond complains about lawmakers making "spending promises they can't keep."

Democratic Senate challenge Don Barber said he wants universal health care and publicly funded elections.

The Ithaca Journal won't print any more election letters in the paper this year.

The New York City Department of Education will spend $5 million on courier service by year's end.

And here's a mailer from Democratic State Senate candidate David Nachbar, who's running against Republican incumbent Jim Alesi.
Mid-Morning Read: Gennaro’s Attack, Heaney’s Lawyers, Nachbar’s Mailer