Mid-Morning Read: Gerson’s Logic, Hawkins’ Angel, Gotbaum’s Gift

"Western New York for Obama" says Republicans are “screwed.”

State Senator Serf Maltese and challenger Joe Addabbo took their debate to a local train station to determine whether or not it smelled of urine.

Gay City News endorsed Addabbo, calling him “a wise gamble” since he hasn’t taken a position on same-sex marriage.

“Gotbaum’s Gift,” according to the New York Post editorial board, is leaving office and letting the public wonder why the office exists.

Compared to the Green Populist congressional candidate Howie Hawkins, Democrat Dan Maffei and Republican Dale Sweetland sound similar.
Legislators are heading to Puerto Rico, right before the special session.

David Paterson’s use of campaign funds for a trip to the Caribbean comes under scrutiny.

Paterson will campaign on Long Island.

Hillary Clinton will not campaign on Long Island.

Alan Gerson writes a column on why he voted to extend term limits.

Michael Schenkler said “machine hacks” in the City Council voted for extending term limits.
Bertha Lewis denies ACORN pays people in crack.

Readers help Roger Clark in his quest. “If he goes up to Throggs Neck in the Bronx, he’ll be tripping over McCain supporters.”

The Times Union endorsed Democrat Representative Kirsten Gillibrand, but said she needs to make a clear break from tobacco.

“Angry no; intense yes,” is how Eric Massa’s wife describes him.

Republicans are relying on the Independence Party for help.

Unnamed sources say Christine Quinn was standing up to Michael Bloomberg’s aides.

“Minorities are seeing this as an elitist attempt to dictate to them,” Rock Hackshaw says about extending term limits.

The Batavian wonders if Democratic money can make the difference in that race. Mid-Morning Read: Gerson’s Logic, Hawkins’ Angel, Gotbaum’s Gift