Mid-Morning Read: Old Bloomberg Versus New Bloomberg

Alan Greenspan told a congressional committee that his economic philosophy may have been wrong. "Greenspan seemed genuinely perplexed yesterday," the Washington Post reports.

In a meeting with The New York Times editorial board, Jon Corzine said he needs federal money to held with New Jersey's foreclosure problem.

Con Ed is asking regulators if it can raise rates, again.

The Times editorial board endorsed Barack Obama, and said John McCain "has retreated farther and father to the fringe of American politics."

"It's every man for himself" around the McCain campaign these days, where staffers are already sending out resumes.

Kathleen Parker writes of McCain choosing Palin, "One does not have to be a psychoanalyst to reckon that McCain was smitten."

L.A. Police Chief William Bratton recorded a robocall for Obama.

There's "no perceptible rebound" for McCain in recent polls.

"There is a moral, ethical, and principled reason to run against Bloomberg now," said Scott Levenson.

The Queens Chronicle wishes the old Michael Bloomberg could lobby the new Bloomberg on term limits.

Bloomberg planned his term-limits coup before the fiscal crisis, writes Clyde Haberman, adding that Christine Quinn "has been the mayor's handmaiden."

Elizabeth Green explains the fallout for education advocates.

Annabel Palma was the only opponent from the Bronx.

"The public is not an obstacle for the mayor or this council to side-step," said Vinny Gentile.

The Daily News editorial board said term-limits supporters "overcame tremendous organized pressure."

The New York Post editorial board said this isn't the time for "untested leadership."

Randy Kuhl said Democrats wants Americans to suffer. Again.

Sandy Treadwell says U.S. troops should stay in Iraq for as long as it takes.

Steve Pigeon's use of Tom Golisano's money is coming under scrutiny from a Republican.

Tom Precious finds a cadre of same-sex marriage supporters from outside New York pouring money into State Senate races here.

Maury Thompson wonders if blank, void or scattered votes from 2006 could, this year, determine the winner in Gillibrand's race against Treadwell.

Joe Hynes and Marty Markowitz talk to local Democrats (Mole33, you have a chauffeur waiting).

The Queens Tribune endorses Joe Addabbo and Jim Gennaro for State Senate, but withholds an endorsement for Anthony Como because of his vote on term limits.

Frank Padavan pulls out a City Council citation praising his work, and also signed by his opponent, Jim Gennaro.

Gay City News
endorses Dan Squadron, saying his openly gay Republican opponent's advocacy "would fall on deaf ears."

And in the comments section, Phil Anderson laments his City Council member. Mid-Morning Read: Old Bloomberg Versus New Bloomberg