Mid-Morning Read: Palin, Rangel, Massa

Esquire does not endorse Charlie Rangel [via Wonkster].

James Carville debated Karl Rove at the Time Warner Center, where Republicans displayed a lack of confidence in Sarah Palin.

Roger Stone wonders why John McCain doesn’t link Barack Obama to Eliot Spitzer’s controversial driver’s license plan.

This New York Times video revisits Michael Bloomberg’s plan for wind turbines in New York City.

The racial makeup of Governor David Paterson’s security detail comes under scrutiny.

Malcolm Smith responds to those mysterious robocalls in Oswego County.

Get ready for Cuomo v Suozzi, in 2014.

Gatemouth asks Republicans, “WTF are you?”

Buffalo Pundit has debate advice for Joe Mesi.

Matt Margolis responds incredulously to the Rochester Democrat and Chronicle’s endorsement of Alice Kryzan.

The Fighting 29th complains about the lack of help Obama’s campaign is giving to Eric Massa.

Sandy Treadwell puts distance between himself and W, the movie.

Dan Jacoby displays rare optimism for the main stream media.

Rick Dollinger drives a Chevy.

Anthony Como’s mailing says he’s “bringing integrity and honesty back to the City Council,” which is a reference to…Christine Quinn or Dennis Gallagher?

Adam Lipsberg looks at the public money behind Bloomberg’s effort to change term limits.

Richard Lipsky questions Bloomberg's “unprecedented commingling” of incumbency and wealth.

Conservative Karol Sheinin has a weird vision of “Redheads for Obama.”

And Gawker provides Palin-themed footage. Mid-Morning Read: Palin, Rangel, Massa