Mid-Morning Read: ‘Suffer’

Republican Representative Randy Kuhl said Democrats want “the American public to suffer.”

His Democratic opponent, Eric Massa, got the endorsement of  hunters and shooters.

When John McCain was thinking of vice presidential candidates, “Michael Bloomberg was surprisingly high on the list,” says Sam Stein.

Sarah Palin charged the state to bring her children to things they weren't invited to, and put them up in expensive hotels.

The R.N.C. paid $150,000 to dress the Palin family, including large charges at Minneapolis stores and what appears to be something for Trig, the infant.

Ed Skyler is the guy who lined up the unions to back term limits.

“It’s as locked down as it’s ever going to be,” Lew Fidler said of the term limits vote.

Here’s video of the world’s angriest Bloomberg critic.

At last night’s debate, Kirsten Gillibrand refuted Sandy Treadwell’s claim that she voted to raise taxes.

Leigh Hornbeck has a quick wrap-up.

Choire Sicha enjoyed my Twittering during that debate.

Republican Represented John McHugh defended himself in a debate that took place last night (it's airing Thursday) by saying he only voted with President Bush 45 percent of the time.

Andrew Cuomo endorsed Joe Mesi, whose Republican challenger, again, accused him of violating state campaign finance law.

James Heaney at the Buffalo News has a good story coming out about a state senator “dropping nearly $1 million a year on his office and staff.“

The Working Families Party is trying to give their line to Alice Kryzan, the unexpected Democratic congressional candidate in the 26th district.

Robert Harding thinks Republicans need a new attack for Kryzan.

Manhattan District Attorney candidate Cyrus Vance has a letter to the editor in the New York Times.

Chris Matthews says he is not running for U.S. Senate in 2010.

If there is no solution, the M.T.A. will have to cut service and raise fares within months.

Bloomberg says taxes will probably go up.

  Mid-Morning Read: ‘Suffer’