Mid-Morning Read: The Lappin-McMahon-Como Vote

“He wasn’t speech writing for Governor Dean,” says Dean policy director about Charles O’Byrne, casting doubt on the Paterson aide's resume.

The Post reports that City Council members Jessica Lappin, Mike McMahon and Anthony Como were given permission by Michael Bloomberg and Christine Quinn to vote against the term-limits bill, but only if they help shoot down the amendment proposed by another group of members. Also, Jimmy Vacca has flipped.

Legendary ad man David Garth says, “A part of Mike was always too good to be true.”

In the comments section, a reader defends McMahon’s position.

The New York Post editorial board thinks the Council vote on the term-limits legislation scheduled for later today is really about letting New Yorkers have Bloomberg for four more years.

The New York Times editorial board wants the Council to vote down the amendment and then, in 2010, abolish term limits.

Extending term limits is part of Bloomberg’s “billionaire narcissism,” says El Diario’s editorial board.

Errol Louis says City Council members would “sooner lose a limb than hit the bricks” and look for work.

The Daily News editorial board said it would be a “travesty” not to allow Bloomberg to seek a third term.

Drew Kerr was slightly bored at the debate between Kirsten Gillibrand and Sandy Treadwell, but hopes tonight's debate tonight will be more eventful.

At a debate last night, Serf Maltese said he didn’t raise taxes, but did give approval for city lawmakers to do just that.

Maltese also said he now supports raising the minimum wage.

Randy Kuhl’s comment that Democrats wants Americans to “suffer” isn’t going away.

Who’s afraid of the media? Chris Lee or Alice Kryzan?

Buffalo Pundit is going to have live video streaming on election night.

Here's a transcript of John McHugh’s debate with Michael Oot. Mid-Morning Read: The Lappin-McMahon-Como Vote