Myers promised Armed Services Committee seat

U.S. Rep. Jim Saxton (R-Mount Holly) yesterday announced that his preferred successor, Medford Mayor Chris Myers, has been assured a post on the House Armed Services Committee if he wins the election.

Myers won the promise from House Minority Leader John Boehner (R-Oh.), no doubt with the help of Saxton, who has served decades on that committee and leaves as a high ranking member. He’s credited with saving the four military bases on the congressional district from closure.

"By seeking out Leader Boehner’s commitment, Chris Myers has demonstrated clear intent and a solid plan to serve on the committee that will best serve the interests of the people of Burlington and Ocean Counties, and Cherry Hill,” said Saxton.. “He will be able to assist Lakehurst Naval Air Engineering Station, Ocean County’s largest employer, and McGuire AFB, Burlington County’s largest employer. He will also be poised to help Fort Dix, which is split between Ocean and Burlington Counties. Leader Boehner’s support is absolutely essential to getting on the Armed Services Committee.”

Boehner has used promises of committee seats for at least two other top Republican recruits, according to a report on Politico, which says the move “may not be a guaranteed way to grab voters' attention….But it gives candidates a good talking point on the trail, and it could grab the attention of industry lobbyists.” Myers promised Armed Services Committee seat