Ohio Deadlock, Blessed With Oil

Barack Obama leads 52-46 in Missouri and 49-43 in Virginia, but Ohio is just about tied, according to a new set of polls. Also, half the people in Ohio don’t trust that their vote will be counted. [Political Wire]

"I think it’s important to take it slow," Obama told advisers when he first arrived in Washington. "I want to be liked." [WP]

Sarah Palin: "God has so richly blessed this land, not just with the oil and the gas, but with wind and the hydro." [ADN]

Congress says that if city officials lied about the value of the new Yankee Stadium, they could be prosecuted. [NYT]

Making some bus lines free can make service faster, without losing revenue. [DN]

Republican Congressional candidate Chris Lee answers questions about the federal dollars for a project in downtown Rochester. [26th]

State Senator Jim Alesi and challenger David Nachbar will debate today after all. [D&C]

A community board asked that South Street Seaport’s Landmarks Committee hearing be delayed. [Downtown Express]

  Ohio Deadlock, Blessed With Oil