Opening this Weekend: Saw V, Pride and Glory, Changeling

As the temperatures slowly lower themselves towards sweater levels, it’s time for Hollywood to start the fall season at the box office in earnest. With two highly anticipated genre films hitting screens, this is sure to be the most lucrative weekend since August. Here’s a handy guide to the weekend’s new releases:

Saw V

What’s the story: If you’re wondering what the October Surprise is, look no further than Saw V. It’s absolutely stunning that this horror franchise is on its fifth go-around. We don’t know anything about the latest edition, but presumably the plot deals with a bunch people dying violent deaths. Expect this to make lots of money.

Who should see it: People who thought Saw IV didn’t really tell the whole story.

High School Musical 3

What’s the story: Speaking of making lots of money… allow us to introduce you to HSM3. (Hey, that’s what the kids are calling it!) If you’re a parent, there is a good chance you’ll be seeing this over the weekend. Don’t worry. As Sarah Palin would say, your reward will be in heaven. If you don’t have kids, just know that this movie is the start of Zac Efron’s world domination.

Who should see it: Every single tween in the tri-state area.

Pride and Glory

What’s the story: The first time we saw the trailer for Pride and Glory, the Edward Norton/Colin Farrell cop flick from writer Joe Carnahan (Narc) and director Gavin O’Connor (Miracle), we thought it looked pretty interesting. The cast! The writer! The director! The problem? The trailer ran in front of No Country for Old Men. Since then Pride and Glory has been pushed back and forth like a kid on a swing. That’s not a good sign.

Who should see it: Ed Norton fans that can’t wait until January when Pride and Glory gets released on DVD.


What’s the story: Angelina Jolie wants her son back in the latest from Clint Eastwood. The reviews have hung on the good side of mixed, and Changeling looks like it could finally net Ms. Jolie the well-deserved Best Actress nomination she’s been striving for. However, we have a feeling Mr. Eastwood’s other 2008 film, Gran Torino, will get the bulk of his Oscar buzz.  

Who should see it: Brad Pitt.

Synecdoche, New York

What’s the story: Charlie Kaufman’s directorial debut stars Phillip Seymour Hoffman as an aging theater director who spends his whole life creating a life-sized replica of New York inside a warehouse. Our Rex Reed calls it the worst movie ever made. Looks like somebody just got crossed off Mr. Kaufman’s Christmas card list.

Who should see it: Donald Kaufman. Opening this Weekend: Saw V, Pride and Glory, Changeling