Paterson Checks Staff, Aqueduct Deal Sealed

After numerous revelations about a top aide, David Paterson ordered background checks on all his staff. [AP]

Liz reports that after polls showed him unexpectedly behind, Democratic State Senator William Stachowski is getting serious. [DP]

The deal to put video lottery terminals at the Aqueduct Racetrack, which will generate needed revenue, is done. [Politics on the Hudson]

Anti-Atlantic Yards group Develop Don't Destroy says Bruce Ratner can't get the funding for the project even with the I.R.S. tax-free bonds. [NoLandGrab]

More details on the Charles O’Byrne “failure to file” condition. [City Room]

The economic news is frightening. [Radar]

It is not, Krugman says, a conspiracy to make Barack Obama win the election.[PK]

The conservative lady from The View will campaign with Sarah Palin. [Political Radar]

Joe Klein talks to Obama about how he made decisions during pivotal moments in the campaign, such as when the Wright videos emerged and when John McCain suspended his campaign. [Swampland]

A former Republican governor of Minnesota endorsed Obama. [AP]

Jonathan Martin doesn't seem to know what to make of the idea of a blue Montana. [JM]

Republicans are running an ad for Elizabeth Dole that seems to consider McCain's loss a foregone conclusion. [TPM] Paterson Checks Staff, Aqueduct Deal Sealed