Plant or No Plant, Zepp’s Goin’ On Tour

Last month, rumors spread that Robert Plant had decided to join Led Zeppelin on a forthcoming tour after his mates threatened to find a new lead-singer. While the bit about Plant reuniting with Zeppelin proved entirely false—thanks to Plant’s statements to the contrary—the absurd notion that Jimmy Page, John Paul Jones, and drummer Jason Bonham would dare replace one of the band’s founding members, and one of the greatest singers in rock ’n’ roll history, continues to gain some traction. According to the BBC (via Pitchfork), the band is definitely looking for a new singer. Here’s Jones himself speaking at a guitar show in Exetor (video of Jones’ interview can be found here): “We are trying out a couple of singers. We want to do it. It’s sounding great and we want to get on and get out there.” Apparently, Plant just isn’t into the rawk these days. “[Plant] really doesn’t want to make loud music anymore.” Though, of course, whomever the Zepp picks, “It’s got to be right. There’s no point in just finding another Robert. You could get that out of a tribute band, but we don’t want to be our own tribute band.”

Yes, one doesn’t want to be a tribute band, though apparently hooking up with the guy who sings for the Creed spin-off, Alter Bridge, wouldn’t be so bad. That’s right, according to, rumors are flying that Myles Kennedy—the singer who joined what was left of Creed after douche-nozzle Scott Stapp launched his ill-fated solo career—has been rehearsing with the band and may join them on tour. Let’s just hope, as some have suggested, that this is all some ruse to get Plant on board.

In other reunion news, according to Idolator, Orange Juice—a Scottish band who in many respects falls at the very opposite end of the testosterone spectrum from Led Zeppelin—will be getting back together for a reunion show when the music-therapy organization Nordoff-Robbins honors them next month. Since the quartet’s break-up in 1985, the band has gone on to influence a slew of indie-pop bands, particularly folks like Belle & Sebastian and Franz Ferdinand. What makes this reunion particularly notable is that the band’s frontman, Edwyn Collins, suffered a debilitating brain hemorrhage in 2005 that left him unable to speak, read, write, walk, or use his right hand (meaning he couldn’t play guitar). And yet, just a year and half later, he was posting new tunes to his MySpace page. Makes getting Plant and the boys back together seem like a walk in the park. Plant or No Plant, Zepp’s Goin’ On Tour