VSL:WEB // Turn your YouTube into a movable feast

YouTube meets iPod, and it’s love at first sight! No, Steve Jobs didn’t make that announcement in Cupertino last week. The union has already happened — and you can download the software right now.

PodTube and iTube are just two of the many newish programs out there that can encode your favorite online clips and transfer them to an iPod. Now you can re-watch that monkey waiter anytime, anywhere. (Watch it in a restaurant with bad service for a truly meta experience.) There’s room on your playlist for both Gossip Girl ($1.99 per episode at iTunes) and Obama Girl (free at YouTube!). Free conversion software can be found on the Web, but PodTube 2 will run you $5. It’s a small price to pay for this online marriage license. YouTube, iPod: We now pronounce you totally awesome.

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