Quinn: Not a Back-Room Deal

Christine Quinn is giving her opening statement about extending term limits, and said, "Opponents of this bill may mischaracterize this as some sort of backroom deal." She said that was "ludicrous."

She rattled off a list of people that don't agree on most issues, but agree on this: 32BJ and the Partnership for New York City, the city's major daily newspapers, and Ed Koch and Mario Cuomo.

"They all agree on offering the option of a third term," Quinn said, specifically referring to the newspapers.

"Ultimately, it is a debate about process," she said. "By passing this bill, we are increasing voter choice."

The room was mostly quiet during her remarks, with only a few oohs and ahhs from the balcony.

She said this is not a deal between billionaires. She implored skeptical people to look around the City Council chamber, and said, "We're the representatives of New York's working families." Quinn: Not a Back-Room Deal