Quinn Still Quiet on Term Limits, Citing ‘Obligation’ to Colleagues

There will be two public hearings at City Hall on the legislation to change term limits, at 3 p.m. on October 16 and another at 10 a.m. on October 17.

That was the biggest news to come out of Christine Quinn’s press conference in the Red Room of City Hall, which took place a few minutes ago and was carried live on NY1, after she once again declined to take a clear stance on Michael Bloomberg’s plan to extend term limits from two to three.

Quinn told the room full of reporters she wouldn’t be taking a position yet, and instead, spoke about bills being introduced in the Council today that deal with housing and land-use issues. (Penn South is getting J51 tax breaks!). When there were no questions on the housing bills, Quinn went back to term limits.

“I’m not reluctant to take a position, and I will take a position” Quinn said, adding that she has an “obligation to make sure I consult and get input from my colleagues." Quinn was frank that the obligation to seek input "doesn’t eliminate my ability to come to my own position.”

But she’s taking her time, she said, because of the magnitude of the issue.

Quinn also said that even if she opposed the bill, her office no longer has the unilateral authority to stop it from being introduced and ultimately pushed onto the floor for a vote. Quinn Still Quiet on Term Limits, Citing ‘Obligation’ to Colleagues