Rahm for Massa, Third Terms All Around

Rahm Emanuel is in Rochester to pull for Eric Massa in the toss-up congressional race. [Fighting 29th]

Norman Oder wants David Yassky to take a position on term limits, seriously. [AYR]

City Council candidate Evan Thies, who wants Yassky's seat, tells a blog the most pressing issue in the district is affordable housing. [Williamsburg is Dead]

Republican State Senate candidate Barbara Donno is trying to tie the incumbent to things that happened at a law firm before he worked there. [CC]

If the term-limits legislation passes, there's a chance that Rudy Giuliani would also want a third term [Daily Gotham]

Ambinder hears from Republicans disgusted by the R.NC.'s spending on Sarah Palin's clothes. [MA]

There's no independent group to save McCain, at least partly because of the economy. [Politico] Rahm for Massa, Third Terms All Around