Saturday, November 1

Greenwich greenbacks, unite! What to do if it gets harder to get people into their evening dresses to engage in charitable check-writing? The clever folks at the Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation, instead of asking their donors to come to the Waldorf, go to their donors! Tonight they cavort at the Greenwich Hyatt. Honorees are gracefully aging model Cindy Crawford and Tiki Barber, former football player and current talking head. Speaking of! Also in attendance will be saucy Deborah Norville, Mistress of Ceremonies, and a bevy of television types: Ann Curry, Bob Woodruff, Brian Williams and Geraldine Ferraro, whose fate as vice presidential candidate we can only hope foreshadows that of La Palin.

[Friends for Life Gala, Hyatt Regency Greenwich, 6 p.m., 203-652-0225] Saturday, November 1