Shulman and Garrett raise equally in 3rd quarter

The fundraising race is neck-and-neck in the 5th Congressional District, where Democratic challenger Dennis Shulman raised almost exactly as much money as incumbent Scott Garrett (R-Wantage).

Shulman raised $274,231.85 last quarter to Garrett’s $276,589. That brings Shulman’s total raised so far to $823,462, and Garrett’s to $1,259,604.

Shulman also kicked in $50,000 of his own money into the race.

Garrett does have a larger war chest remaining, however, with $570,777 on hand to Shulman’s $279,096.

Shulman Campaign Manager Jeff Hauser touted the fact that Shulman had about 2,300 individual campaign donations – evidence, he said, of a grassroots movement. He also said that, with Shulman’s induction into the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee’s “Red to Blue” program, he’ll have more money and resources to count on.

“Now that we have national support in October to join our grassroots movement, we’re confident that we’ll be able to defeat Scott Garett,” he said.

Garrett Campaign Manager Amanda Gasperino noted that the campaign raised $300,000 more than it did at this point last year, although then it was facing a challenger who had raised a small fraction of Shulman's war chest.

“The campaign is extremely pleased with the support Congressman Garrett has received this cycle with fundraising activities far outpacing past efforts. In fact, we have exceeded the fundraising activity from previous elections by almost $300,000, and our cash on hand is twice that of our opponent. These numbers are proof that voters in the 5th District want a Congressman who will fight to protect New Jersey taxpayers and their family budgets," she said in a statement.

Shulman and Garrett raise equally in 3rd quarter