Siena: Incumbents Lead in Senate Races, But Volker and Donno Surge

Siena is out with a poll today of four State Senate races which shows incumbents from both parties holding a strong lead going into the final week of the campaign. But some challengers are showing big gains since Siena’s last poll on October 8.

Democratic State Senator Craig Johnson of Long Island leads Republican Barbara Donno, 50 to 35, with 15 percent undecided. Donno jumped 10 points since the last poll, while Johnson only increased by 1 percentage point over the same period.

Democrat State Senator Suzi Oppenheimer of Westchester leads Republican Liz Feld 64 to 29, with only 7 percent undecided. Feld’s five-point improvement since the last poll doesn’t seem that substantial compared to Oppenheimer’s three-point jump over the same period.

In Rochester, Republican State Senator Joe Robach leads Rick Dollinger 52 to 39, with only 9 percent undecided. Robach increased by 3 points compared to Dollinger’s 1 point since the last poll. Robach is viewed favorably by voters, 62 to 24. Dollinger’s split is 43 to 34.

And Republican State Senator Dale Volker of Wyoming County leads Democrat Kathy Konst 50 to 39. For Konst, that’s a six-point jump from the last poll. Volker’s 50 percent has not changed during that time.

Siena: Incumbents Lead in Senate Races, But Volker and Donno Surge