Single Person’s Movie: Office Space

It’s 2 AM and you awake with a jerk, alone in your fully-lit apartment and still on the couch. On TV, the credits of some movie you’ve already seen a billion times are scrolling by. It feels like rock bottom. And we know, because we’re just like you: single.

Need a movie to keep you company until you literally can’t keep your eyes open? Join us tonight when we pass out to Office Space [starting @ 12:25 a.m. on 5 Star Max]

Why we’ll try to stay up and watch it: Long before David Brent and Michael Scott made the office a place for awkwardness and embarrassment, there was 1999… the Year of the Disaffected Corporate Drone. From American Beauty to Fight Club to The Matrix, it seemed like every other film released that year dealt with the soul crushing drudgery of workplace life. One such film was Mike Judge’s Office Space, a diverting and funny affair that has no third act and really doesn’t hold up as well as you might remember.

We know. Blasphemy! But face it. A solid section of Office Space kinda sucks. Can you even remember the Jennifer Aniston subplot or the mustached neighbor, a live action caricature straight out of Mr. Judge’s King of the Hill cartoon? How about the ending? Us neither! Still, any time Office Space is on, and we’re lucky enough to catch it from the beginning, it’s a must-watch affair. A large credit for that goes to Ron Livingston, an actor whom we have a total man-crush on. At the time of Office Space‘s release, we thought the film was a portent of things to come; a stop on the way to Mr. Livingston becoming uber-famous. Turns out we were wrong. But that doesn’t mean the man isn’t talented. In Office Space, Mr. Livingston is effortlessly charming and perfectly bored. It should have been a star-making performance even if it wasn’t.

When we’ll probably fall asleep: The good thing about Office Space being only two-thirds a movie is that we don’t have to stay up all night watching it… we just have to make it until 1:20 a.m. Sweet! About 55 minutes in, while talking to some company hired efficiency experts, Mr. Livingston’s Peter Gibbons utters this immortal line of dialogue: “It’s not that I’m lazy, it’s that I just don’t care.” Brilliant. Feel free to use that as your next Facebook status message. We know we will.

Single Person’s Movie: Office Space