Sneak Peek: Kath & Kim

If you’ve got twenty-two minutes to kill, we suggest checking out the series premiere of Kath & Kim. Although the NBC show doesn’t make its official debut until Thursday night, the network was kind enough to post the premiere episode online a few days early. Actually, after watching Kath & Kim, we can definitely say it wasn’t that kind of them at all. The show kinda stinks.

Based on the hit Australian show of the same name, Kath & Kim stars Molly Shannon and Selma Blair as mother-daughter dullards who snipe and gripe. NBC is hoping the remake slides effortlessly into their Thursday night comedy lineup, but we have our doubts about the show’s staying power. The episode was pretty much laugh-free for us, though we did manage a smirk a couple of times (thanks to John Michael Higgins, who plays Kath’s boyfriend).

Otherwise most of the comedy here is cringe-worthy. Ms. Blair is particularly sorry; she’s still playing the same girl she did in Cruel Intentions ten years ago.  Ms. Shannon tries her hardest, but she seems like she’s trapped in an endless loop of every Saturday Night Live character she’s ever played. We half expected her to stick her fingers under her armpits and smell them

Don’t take our word for it though. Head over to Yahoo! and judge for yourself.  Kath & Kim premieres Thursday night at 8:30 p.m. Sneak Peek: Kath & Kim