Some Unions Stay Away From Term-Limits Controversy

The labor-backed Working Families Party is pushing ahead with a campaign to try to block the City Council from changing the term-limits law legislatively.

According to this story, "some of the city’s most powerful unions," like 1199 SEIU, are backing the W.F.P. effort to let the mayor know "there are many people out there who are very unhappy about his course of action."

But some major unions don’t seem entirely on board, including 1199 SEIU.

"Declined to comment," is what a spokeswoman for the SEIU emailed today when I asked for the union’s position on the issue.

A spokesman for another union, the Patrolmen’s Benevolent Association, is not taking up the issue.  Asked for comment, spokesman Al O’Leary emailed to say, "Thanks, but the PBA is not commenting."

The director of communications for DC37 is also keeping their union out of the discussion. "We are still in contract negotiations with the city and our focus is not on mayoral politics. Our focus is on negotiating with the Mayor for a fair and equitable settlement for our members. Some Unions Stay Away From Term-Limits Controversy