Stack signs on to family income disclosure bill

An ethics reform bill that will require greater financial disclosure from legislators has won the support of State Sen. Brian Stack (D-Union City), whose own family's income came under scrutiny last year.

Stack, who’s also the mayor of Union City, hasn’t always been one to vote for ethics reforms legislation. He abstained on the dual office-holding ban, even though it grandfathered in legislators like him, who already held more than one elected office.

The bill Stack just signed on to would require legislators to disclose income that both they and their families receive from public sources or private companies with government contracts,

“We must act quickly and boldly to clean up our own house, to set the highest standards for the entire legislature – and this bill goes a long way toward getting that done,” said Stack in a press release “Legislators are here to serve the people, not their own personal interests. Any income sources relevant to their official duties, as well as the income sources of their immediate family members, should be on the table for the public to see.”

In 2007, Stack received a federal subpoena regarding $200,000 in state grant money that went to Union City Day Care, which his wife heads up. No charges were filed against him.

Two other legislators were subpoenaed at the same time: State Sen. Nicholas Scutari (D-Linden) and former State Sen. Joe Coniglio (D-Paramus), who has since been indicted for allegedly steering grant money to the hospital that employed him as a plumbing consultant. Stack signs on to family income disclosure bill