State Poll: Yes to Paterson, Yes to Term Limits

The new Siena poll seems to prove that voters statewide are, like city voters, able to be supportive of term limits without being unsupportive of the executive who happens to be in charge.

David Paterson’s approval rating is up (although he’d still lose in a hypothetical match-up to Michael Bloomberg, 43 to 47), even as a majority of voters said they support an eight-year term limit on state lawmakers, including the governor.

According to the data, voters support term limits for state lawmakers by a margin of 58 – 37 percent, with 5 percent undecided. And it’s supported across party lines: Democrats support it 55 – 38, with Republicans even more in favor of it, 66 to 31; independent voters also support it 57 to 40.

Just in case anybody wanted to hear more on that topic. State Poll: Yes to Paterson, Yes to Term Limits