Sticky Sweet Dylan Lauren Reopens Her Candy Bar

At Monday evening’s party for the relaunch of Dylan Lauren‘s (daughter of Ralph) popular store, Dylan’s Candy Bar, it was not surprising that sugar featured prominently in the celebration. Tables were piled with mini-brownies and cupcakes; there was a marshmallow dipping station and bikini-and-body-paint-clad candy necklace distributors. The candy-garnished cocktails were hit or miss, however. (Cosmopolitan-like drink with rock candy stirrer? Good. Barcardi with orange liqueur and a sunken piece of bubblegum? Less so).

The revamped store will feature clothing and accessories lines and a wider selection of fancier chocolate, Ms. Lauren told the Daily Transom. We wondered whether she thought people were more likely to turn to sweets in these troubled times, and she recalled that business during the store’s original opening week—which fell during the week of September 11, 2001—was "rocking."

Her brother, film producer Andrew, a self-avowed "candy-o-holic,"  made the same observation about the store’s bittersweet opening, telling us that candy is "a great pick-me-up." While his famous father apparently never produced any custom designed Halloween costumes for his brood, the younger Mr. Lauren fondly recalled a homemade C-3PO outfit. Meanwhile, his brother David‘s girlfriend, model Lauren Bush, told us her favorite costumes over the course of her relationship with David included the pair as Superman and Supergirl and the Dr. Suess characters Thing 1 and Thing 2. And which of the store’s products did she find most appealing? "I’m overwhelmed! I think my favorite might be peanut M&Ms or Swedish fish or just dark chocolate, depending on the mood."

Ivanka Trump—a Nerds girl—told us that, while she usually puts a lot of thought into her Halloween costume, she doesn’t yet have plans for this year: "I’m taking a friend’s children trick-or-treating and then for later, I’m not sure." Could she recall any cringe-worthy costumes from years past? "Well, I never did the wear-a-bikini thing—never. I always opted for the princess route. I always felt awkward because there would be like, a Victorian bustle involved, something way too formal for the occasion. I never had the sort of blushing five years later, like ‘I actually left my house wearing that?’"

We also ran into Social Life magazine’s Devorah Rose with publicist Kristian Laliberte. While the pair was unusually quiet about their (maybe) upcoming reality show, they were happy share their Halloween plans. Mr. Laliberte floated the idea of going as Victoria Beckham, complete with specially collagen-ed lips. Ms. Rose, meanwhile, told us she was going as "Alex, from [Stanley Kubrick‘s] A Clockwork Orange. It’s going to be painted on my body!" But, she added, "I will have kind of a bikini on. I’m gonna do the funky eyes and I’m gonna beat people with my cane."

Sticky Sweet Dylan Lauren Reopens Her Candy Bar